Monday, September 24, 2012

Mysore Palace Model

This one-of-its-kind 12 feet x 6 feet replica of Mysore's Amba Vilasa Palace crafted out of eco-friendly Nu-Wood is, for the first time, on sale at this Bombe Mane. It is proportionate and complete with minute detailed miniature work and will be a proud possession of any doll lover or a connoisseur of art. And no, there is no illumination. If one wants, internal illumination can be done on request. This model can be dismantled into a total of 20 pieces (6 big and 14 small pieces) for manageable storage and transportation.

The beautiful procession set which is seen in the foreground has been specially commissioned for Bombe Mane after years of research. This is a result of five years of untiring work of handpicked master artisans. A few selected pieces from this procession set is available at this Bombe Mane.

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