Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bust of Gauri

A folk legend narrates an episode where Ganga and Gauri have a fight and in a fit of anger Gauri decides to disappear into earth. As she is plunging feet first into the ground beneath, one by one her lower body sinks into earth. Shiva panics, catches hold of her and prises her out of the earth, but by that time she is way deep to be recovered completely. Shiva succeeds in rescuing only the head and upper torso of Gauri and hence from then onwards, Gauri is worshipped in the form of her bust.

Here we have the bust of Gauri cast in fibreglass by well known sculptor of our State, Smt. Kanakamurthy. She is recently honoured with the highest sculptor award by the State Government of Karnataka - Jakanachary Award.

A limited edition of this Gauri bust is available at this Bombe Mane. Reserve your piece at the earliest.

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