Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bust of Gauri

A folk legend narrates an episode where Ganga and Gauri have a fight and in a fit of anger Gauri decides to disappear into earth. As she is plunging feet first into the ground beneath, one by one her lower body sinks into earth. Shiva panics, catches hold of her and prises her out of the earth, but by that time she is way deep to be recovered completely. Shiva succeeds in rescuing only the head and upper torso of Gauri and hence from then onwards, Gauri is worshipped in the form of her bust.

Here we have the bust of Gauri cast in fibreglass by well known sculptor of our State, Smt. Kanakamurthy. She is recently honoured with the highest sculptor award by the State Government of Karnataka - Jakanachary Award.

A limited edition of this Gauri bust is available at this Bombe Mane. Reserve your piece at the earliest.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dasara Doll Contest 2012 - Info

Sthree Shakthi Mahila Prathishtana, MIG 8, Sri Ganesh, 3 Stage, KHB Layout, Kuvempunagar, Mysore has organised Dasara Doll Contest (also Kitchen Garden contest). Application available at above address. Mobile: 9448434550. Last date of registration: 12-10-2012. Judges will visit contestants' houses from 19 to 21 Oct. - Smt. Mangala Satyan, President.

Paintings of Jayadevanna TS

RG Singh and yours truly visited this year's 'Chitra Santhe' an art shandy at Bangalore. There we met artist Jayadevanna T.S. who is a fellow Mysoearn and an acquaintance. We knew him when he was working as an artist for an event decorator, but did not know that he also did freelance. Hence we were pleasantly surprised to see him at Chitra Santhe with his acrylics on canvas.

He had done small and medium sized canvases in pleasant colours and the thing that struck us most was the concept - animated Channapatna dolls in different moods and postures. It was sheer coincidence since we wanted to feature Channapatna dolls at this Bombe Mane and there we were, staring at beautiful canvases of the same dolls in playful mood.

RG commissioned 5-6 canvases to be used for Bombe Mane 2012. Last month we got a call from Jayadevanna informing that the canvases were ready. Following are the artworks of this talented young artist of Mysore, that are now in the collection of Ramsons Kala Pratishtana.

Musical Party





Channapatna Lacquerware - Krishna Dolls

The design wing of Ramsons Kala Pratishtana has developed a range of Krishna dolls in the Channapatna's lathe-turned wood lacquerware craft.These set of four dolls debuted at the last month's 'Baro Krishnayya' exhibition. A limited edition of these dolls are available at this Bombe Mane.
Damodara Krishna. Yashoda has tied her naughty and bothersome son to the pounding stone.

Benne Krishna. Krishna is fond of milk, curds, especially butter. It seems like he has been caught red-handed savouring a ball of freshly churned butter which he has sneaked from the pot.

Govardhanagiridhari - Krishna the saviour.

Navaneeta Krishna. "Mamma, one is not enough! I want butter in both my hands."

Mysore Palace Model

This one-of-its-kind 12 feet x 6 feet replica of Mysore's Amba Vilasa Palace crafted out of eco-friendly Nu-Wood is, for the first time, on sale at this Bombe Mane. It is proportionate and complete with minute detailed miniature work and will be a proud possession of any doll lover or a connoisseur of art. And no, there is no illumination. If one wants, internal illumination can be done on request. This model can be dismantled into a total of 20 pieces (6 big and 14 small pieces) for manageable storage and transportation.

The beautiful procession set which is seen in the foreground has been specially commissioned for Bombe Mane after years of research. This is a result of five years of untiring work of handpicked master artisans. A few selected pieces from this procession set is available at this Bombe Mane.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bombe Mane 2012

Doll is a form of human expression; it is a common occurrence in all civilizations. Cave dwelling, pre historic humans must have used a pebble or a twig or animal trophy for amusement, but later on must have started molding clay into anthropomorphic form or that of an animal, to play with. What started out to be a plaything has acquired layers upon layers of emotions, thoughts, subtle meanings, aesthetics, rituals, prejudices and mythology over hundreds and thousands of years of human interaction with its creation of innocence - doll.

Dolls have been used for various reasons throughout history. Thousands of terra cotta warriors  display the might of the first emperor of China Qin Shi Huyang. In Egypt, giant idols of Pharaohs and sphinx proclaim the divine power of its rulers. Worry dolls of Thailand take one's worries and anxieties away. The colossal figures of Greek Titans inspired awe and humility while many doll traditions of India like Bhuta figures of South Canara are revered for their magical representation. Thus throughout human history, dolls have endured man's fascination of unknown and his tendency to express it through them.

India has a rich tradition of dolls which vary from region to region. Each region has a unique style of doll and they are created in same old system since time immemorial in humble abodes of artisans. Karnataka's Channapatna has been a centre of doll making for a couple of centuries now, but the skills in lacquerware toys and dolls were acquired as recently as in the first half of 20th century.

The focus of this Bombe Mane are curvy, blunt, rounded, hand painted, colourful, lathe turned, wooden lacquerware dolls of Channapatna. Dolls like Pattada Gombe, Garudi Gombe, Krishna and Udupi Ratha have been specially created in this craft form at the design wing of Ramsons Kala Pratishtana.

This is the centenary of construction of Mysore Palace; miniature models of this iconic edifice forms another attraction this year. In addition, usual fare of dolls from across the length and breadth of the country have arrived and assembled in full glory. They are ready to bedazzle the doll lover in each and every one of us.

Welcome to Bombe Mane.