Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sapta Matrika - Seven Mother Goddesses

We relate more intimately to the divine if she is considered to be the ‘Mother’. Hence, worshiping the divine feminine, in nine forms of Devi (Nava Durga), is at the core of Dasara festivities in many parts of the country. In comparison, the tradition of Navaratri worship in Mysore is unique; seven mother goddesses or Sapta Matrika are propitiated here.

Historically too, the people of Mysore and neighbouring regions were known to venerate Sapta Matrika. The evidence for this is the fact that many a kings and rulers of this region had titles like ‘Sapta Matrika Varaprasada’ (boon of seven mother goddesses), ‘Sapta Matrika Sevaka’ (servant of seven mother goddesses), etc.

Young purohit Sri Ananta Bhat is performing Chandi Parayana at Ramsons. This worship started on the first day of Navaratri and will culminate on Vijayadashami day-after-tomorrow.
The silver idol of goddess Chamundeshwari (Shodasha Bhuja Mahisha Mardini) crafted in silver by young craftsman of Mysore Sri Dakshinamurthy. This beautiful devi is being worshipped at Ramsons' puja alcove.
The display above has been arranged at Bombe Mane depicting the seven mother goddesses. Since this is just for display, idols have not been consecrated. Seven clay figures have been lovingly draped (by Sri Srikanta Sharma of Srirangapatna, Mobile: 9972633977) with sarees and profusely decorated to present a glimpse of the glorious tradition of worship of sapta matrika. Special garlands made from Khus roots have formed a scented aura around each devi.

The seven bedecked devis clock-wise from left hand bottom corner are Braahmi rides a swan, Maaheshwari’s mount is a bull, Kaumaari rides a peacock, Vaishnavi with Garuda as the mount, Vaaraahi rides a buffalo, Indraani sits on elephant while Chandika is resplendent on a lion.
This is Chandika or Chamunda on lion.

This is Indrani, the shakti of Indra, with elephant as a mount.

This is boar headed mother goddess Varahi, shakti of Varaha, riding a male water-buffalo.

This is the shakti of Vishnu, Vaishnavi, riding the Garuda.

This is Kaumari, shakti of Kartikeya, with peacock as her mount.

This is Maaheshwari, shakti of Maheshwara, who rides a bull.

This is Braahmi, shakti of Brahma, seated on swan.

Kids of a montessori school enjoying their day-out at Bombe Mane.


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