Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bombe Mane 2009 - Brochure

The very mention of Mysore Dasara evokes memories of the grand procession on Vijayadashami day. Numerous caparisoned elephants, hundreds of horses, medley of colourful folk performers, innumerable bands - student, military and police, scores of tableaus and a majestic tusker carrying the golden howdah. This carnival of pomp and pageantry treads an illuminated pathway from the palace to Bannimantap.

Veneration of the mother goddess Chamundeshwari is the important component of the festivities. Doll festival (Bombe Habba), celebrated at homes, is an integral part of the 10 day Dasara. Dolls collected over the years, nay, generations, are displayed on a seven stepped platform in houses across the city.

Ramsons at Mysore has brought these two traditions - Dasara procession anddoll festival - together.

Beautiful dolls of dasara procession have been lovingly crafted in wood by artisans based on designs given by Ramsons. 110 dolls out of a total 500 will be unveiled this Bombe Mane. A reproduction of Mysore palace which stands 6 ft tall and 12 ft wide provides the grand background to the procession.

That’s not all! Brightly painted wooden dolls of Varanasi will charm old and young alike. The clay doll of Mahishasura crafted by the Krishnanagar artisans is the answer to many years’ wait of doll lovers of Mysore.

Terracotta kitchen set by the master potters of Velar community of Tamilnadu will be the darling of young girls. Traditional clay dolls depicting deities, immortals and mortals alike are cynosure of doll lovers. The procession sets of wooden dolls from Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh are hot favourites.

Reproductions of the majestic Mysore palace, the multi pillared old wooden palace, grand palace gates, exhibition gate, etc., from Mysore will lend authenticity to the doll arrangement based on Mysore theme.

Many a dream of doll collectors will come true this Bombe Mane. Drop in to the largest doll extravaganza in the city and get charmed by the innocent beauty of dolls.


Vijaya said...

when is Bombe mane opening for this year 2010? Can you please post the details about the dates and venue in this blog?

Pushpa said...

Raghu avare..sashtanga namaskaragalu..nange ille bayalli neeru bartha ide nimma bombegalanna nodi..but i stay in USA and cant come when you have exhibition..