Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Benne Krishna - Limited Edition

This is a papermesh doll made by the finest doll makers' family who claim to be descendants of doll makers of Vijayanagara at Hampi. Dolls made by their great grand father and grand father adorn the Gombe Thotti in the erstwhile Mysore Palace.

What I am holding here is the cute and beautiful paper mesh doll of Benne Krishna (toddler Krishna savouring his favourite butter from a pot).

This is a collector's piece and quite expensive because of the quality of work and only a limited numbers are made in a year - about 10 only.

This is available at Bombe Mane only against order. Also please note that if you order it now, you will get it only next year.

If you want it, please drop in a line at our email-id: saying "I want to order the limited edition Paper Mesh Benne Krishna". 

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