Sunday, September 4, 2022

Bombe Mane - Brochure 2022


Dolls are universally adored. Collecting dolls is popular across the world, but venerating them happens  only in few places around the globe especially Mysore, where doll festival (Bombe Habba) is an enduring tradition since four centuries.

Dolls of King - Queen including those of gods, humans and animals are diligently placed on a stepped doll altar or 'Bombe Mettilu'. Birds and beasts, trees and trains, etc., find a prime place on these steps. Thus, a make belief magical portal of innocence opens up in every household across Mysore during the ten days of Dasara. Ramsons is proud to present ever creative ideas in 'Bombe Mane' to celebrate this time honoured tradition.

Special Display Section
As always, Bombe Mane, this year presents the following thematic displays for the viewing pleasure of the connoisseur.

The bejewelled, scarlet faced goddess Marikamba of Sirsi is a much revered deity of Uttara Kannada. The kaavi painting on the facade and interiors of the temple dedicated to her at Sirsi, is unique to this region, both of these will be on display.

Ramsons celebrated 50 years of its founding in the year 2020; Hasti Mangala, a special expo of elephant in Indian craft, painting and textiles was mounted at the flagship store - Ramsons Handicrafts. A few select masterpieces from this expo will go on display at Bombe Mane.

Rakshasa Ranga is an attempt to shine light on the positive aspects of the mighty Rakshasas who regularly appear in mythology. In our performing arts, the Rakshasa characters are portrayed with colours - black, grey, red, etc., with protruding teeth, menacing horns, multiple heads and limbs. Animated and colourful Rakshasas make their appearance in this display section.

Recently, our nation celebrated 75 glorious years of Independence. A few interesting posters and dolls along with the national symbols go on display on the occasion of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Auto Fest City is the collection of scale models of various automobiles belonging to D’Costa brothers, Clyde and Neil, of Mysore. Since 1996, they have been passionate chroniclers of the 2250 licensed scale models of various automobiles spanning five centuries of latter’s evolution. A select few specimens from this collection will go on display.

Varieties of Dolls
Thousands of dolls handmade by artists in clay, wood, terracotta, ceramic, plaster of paris, paper mesh, metal, and cloth have arrived from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Telangana and Odisha.

New Arrivals
Puri Jagannatha, Mannargudi Rajagopala, Renuka Yellamma, Devi Vishwaroopa, Chanday Mela, Vadiraja Teertha, Mysore Chamundi, Sirsi Marikamba, Roly Poly Elly (exclusive Ramsons design), and many more. A set of fridge magnets featuring the magnificent Mysore Dasara is the highlight this year. These magnets will bring alive Dasara in any household around the planet.

18th edition of Bombe Mane is ready with all-time favourites as well as new additions. Come celebrate the happiness and innocence of Bombe Habba this Dasara with the largest doll store of Karnataka - Ramsons Bombe Mane.

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