Monday, October 2, 2017

Gauri on a Swing

Traditional Kinhala dolls claim a direct descent from the Vijayanagara doll makers. In fact, the doll village of Kinhala is located about 40-45 kms from Hampi, the erstwhile capital of Karnataka empire, the Vijayanagara. About 20-30 families of Chitragars (the name suggests them to be painters) in this tiny village still practice this enduring heritage of doll making.

This colourful doll depicts Goddess Parvati a.k.a. Gauri worshiping a Shivalinga encapsulated within her palms (shown as a black dot) and is seated on a swing. A gentle push rocks the swing back and fro. Kannada for swing is Uyyale and Tottilu means cradle. Even though the Gauri is seated on a swing and hence should be called as Uyyale Gauri, she is rather called as Tottilu Gauri.

The swing represents happiness, abandon and freedom. Traditionally, either a divine couple, or the child Krishna or a lone Parvati are shown seated on a swing. Thus this doll depicts a happy Gauri worshiping her beloved. Hence keeping this doll in the house brings happiness and prosperity.

This Kinhala doll of Tottilu Gauri is made of wood; it is 10 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

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Could you tell the prices of these dolls please