Wednesday, September 6, 2017

An Ode To Bombe Mane

Come little one, let me take you on a journey bold
To show you the magic of dolls that tell secrets ages left untold.
These magical figures many a story tell
And silently, create a magical spell.

Is that a dancing  doll? Nay, not so.
See those eyes that with joy so glow!
The fisherman and the fish in his net do play.
Can't! you feel that foam the sea does so spray!

That cherubic child with that divine face
Is none other than Lord Krishna in all his grace.
The bull that doth stand with horns reaching the sky
Is the one that beckons you with his kind eye.

The bashful bride demurely looks down
Waiting for the crimson that her forehead will adorn.
Oh but wait, that is not all.
We have all our great leaders walking tall.

"Where is this fairyland?" my child, your voice  does ring.
"There are cabbages, kings and stones that sing."
My little one, Bombe Mane is a journey of pride and passion
An endeavour that needs to be much lauded and given ovation!

- Kalpana Singh

Kalpana Singh (daughter of late Executive Trustee of Ramsons Kala Pratishtana, M.B. Singh) is a whole-hearted supporter and a dear friend of RKP. Thanks Kalpana for this poem.

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