Friday, June 3, 2016

Miniature Kitchen Utensils - Papier Machie

This set of papier machie miniature kitchen set (Aatada Samanu in Kannada and Choppu Saman in Tamil) is made up of a traditional terracotta stove (olay), wicker basket (butti), grinder stone (rubbugallu), stone pounder (onakay-oralu), mill-stone (beesuvakallu), masala grinder (ariyuva kallu), winnow (moraa) and a pot (madikay). The cloth-stuffed doll of a female home-maker is not a part of the set. We have this kitchen set as well as the doll in stock. This makes a nice gift for children who enjoy games in which they can role-play as a home-maker. 

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Unknown said...

Whats the cost. And is it available in online purchase