Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bombe Mane 2015 - Inauguration

11th edition of Bombe Mane was inaugurated by Honourable Member of Parliament for Mysuru and Kodagu, Sri Prathap Simha on 25 September 2015, Friday at 6.45 pm at Pratima Gallery, Mysuru. Dr. D. Veena Kumari I.Po.S., Director, Postal Training Centre, Mysuru inaugurated the special display section.

Following are few glimpses from the event.

Smt. Reetha Singh welcomes Hon'ble MP Prathap Simha with a bouquet of flowers

Smt. Harineeta Singh welcomes Dr. D. Veena Kumari by presenting a bouquet

MP Prathap Simha inaugurates Bombe Mane 2015 by lighting the lamp. L-R: Sri D. Ram Singh, Dr. Veena Kumari, Smt. Harineetha Singh, Sri Prathap Simha, Sri Raghu Dharmendra. Little daughter of Sri Simha looks on.

Dr. D. Veena Kumari inaugurates the special display section of Bombe Mane 2015 by lighting lamps

Sri Rohan Singh, Smt. Harineeta Singh and Dr. D. Veena Kumari at Bombe Mane

Sri Prathap Simha presenting his views about Bombe Mane to journalists

A token of appreciation by Sri D. Ram Singh

A token of appreciation by Smt. Harineeta Singh

L-R: Smt. Harineeta Singh, Dr. D. Veena Kumari, Sri Prathap Simha, Sri Ajay Singh, Smt. Reetha Singh and Sri D. Ram Singh

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