Friday, October 3, 2008

Glimpses of Bombe Mane

Krishna, Radha and their friends are busy preparing for Navaratri and doll festival. Doll festival by dolls - a novel concept of Bombe Mane.

Krishna is arranging dolls on a doll platform, one of the Gopi helps him.

Dolls created from the sketch book of artist Tippaji (contemporary of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III 1794-1868). Musicians, chopdars, title bearers, chauri and chamara bearers, and personal guards (Halay Paiki) who adorned the court of Mummadi have been resurrected as wooden dolls. In the background is the model of old wooden Lakshmi Vilas Palace which was gutted in the fire that broke out during the wedding of Maharajakumari Jayalakshmammanni in 1897.

Eminent artist S.G. Vasudev is enamoured by all the colours, forms and textures of dolls in Bombe Mane during his visit with his family on 26 September 2008.

Tarun and his younger brother Charith are admiring the cricket dolls at Bombe Mane.

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Mana said...

Lovely doll and beautiful arrangement. Wondering how they preserve the dolls for so many years.